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Please have a look at some new photos on the gallery. Pollinator plants are really important so find a space for some wild areas in your garden. Bluebell is a fantastic food plant for pollination, the Cuckoo flower in the middle is under threat and is a vital food source for the Orange tip butterfly, Dandelion nearly gone now except for the fluffy white pillows that spread more seeds around, very important for Bees and butterfly's
Hi due to house move & illness there has been no work or real business from Tobiz Products since April last year. So there is a lot to catch up on and we are now back to full swing. We are, as in America just selling the twin packs of Silicone baking mats and will be adding new lines this summer. Spring is now pacing on and the pollinators are getting back into business too. Please help them by planting some of the following examples Sage, Hollyhocks, Violets, and a Buddleia bush or two. New photos will be added soon.
As you maybe aware the lovely food we bake on our baking mats would not be possible without the pollinator insects, visiting our crops and fruits. The Butterflies, Bees, and Hoverflys being at the top of the list. Here in our Worcestershire/Herefordshire borders we are in the Spring sunshine watching the the apple blossom bud now and looking forward to the Summer. Why not plant a pot for the pollinators this Spring in your garden. They would particularly love some Wild Marjoram, Coneflower or Catmint. For more ideas visit www.plantpotsforpollinators.org (also on our links page just hover on about us tag)
Spring is here and the orders are coming in for your spring bakes. Had a lovely comment from a recent customer stating they were the best baking mats she had used. Have a look at my Belgium bun recipe, so scrumptious! Also after the loss of our dear Toby in October we have taken on a another rescue boy - Loki a Shih Tzu x - and he is settling in well. I will add some photos.
Well we are back into the New Year. We have been busy here shipping mats and entertaining the family. Made several of my Xmas stuffing rolls and some for the freezer. These go down very well and handy to pop in the oven and slice up to serve. The Chocolate fruitcake was enjoyed by all and made a few other bits - see our photo and recipe page.
Looking forward to Christmas and starting some in advance cooking. Check out my Chocolate Fruitcake on the recipe pages. yum yum
Tobiz products is now an official partner and corporate member of the Butterfly Conservation UK. This means that we are helping Butterfly and moths have a better habitat, whilst bringing to peoples attention the decline of these species so we can turn this situation around. Buying cookswell baking mats helps us support the Butterfly habitat
We are stunned and heartbroken for the loss of our little boy Cocker Spaniel Toby on 3/10/15. He was our inspiration for the business and will remain in our thoughts.
Our Facebook page is now up and running, come and have a look. ​www.facebook.com/tobizproducts
Fantastic day today our Cookswell Silicone baking mats are now ready for sale in the UK on eBay joining our Amazon sales in the USA. We are now happy with the finishing touches to the website but we see this project as ongoing. Whilst your feedback on our products on Amazon and eBay are very important to us, please leave your comments on our contact us page and send by email.