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We moved to Worcestershire UK several years ago and enjoy our beautiful countryside on long walks with our dog Toby and to concentrate on developing our business.
The company name is Tobiz products and we currently supply high quality Silicone bakeware under the brand of Cookswell.
We Supply North America via Amazon and the UK and Europe via our
eBay shop.
As good food is important to us the fact is the pollinators Butterflies, Bees and these type of species are in decline.

Cookies baked on Cookswell Silicone baking mat

Is to educate people in using Quality Silicone baking mats for healthy eating, deliver a personal efficient service, and to help the pollinator insects for future generations.
Good for over 3000 uses.

Use a Cookswell Silicone baking mat Eliminate oil and grease from your diet

Non stick easy wash and air dry saves your time

Silicone baking mat gives even heat distribution through the food so our Pizza users say

Cookswell Silicone baking mat the end of Soggy Bottom Baking!

We offer a personal friendly service aways available for questions.
Pollinator on leaf

Great ingredients for our food need pollinator insects to fertilise our crops and fruit trees. Sadly these are in decline!

This helps the pollinators which helps the planet to produce food.

By just planting one pollinating plant! This will may make a big difference please see useful links tab.